What to wear to meet her parents!

Psychologists predict that you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. It’s no wonder that meeting the parents sounds like an anxiety attack in the making.

You’ve seen Ben Stiller in “Meet the Parents” and Aston Kutcher in “Guess Who” – if it’s like the movies, you’ll be sized up as soon as you walk through the door!

Studies show that 55% of your first impression is visual and the other 45% is verbal. Republic Union can’t make you a charismatic conversationalist but here are some style tips to help you look the part.

  1. Prepare:

Treat it like a job interview – you need to look nice and respectable, but your outfit shouldn’t be the topic of conversation.

Don’t decide what you’re going to wear on the day. The shirt you wore six months ago may be too tight now or have a stain that you’ve forgotten about!

  1. Shirt:

Unless you’re attending at a black-tie event don’t wear a suit and tie. If they’re traditional choose a classic shirt like this Pintoo Men’s Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt.

If her parents are more chilled-out, try a stylish plaid shirt like this Le Breve Burgundy Check Shirt.

Red Check Shirt

 3. Trousers:

Ditch the outdated suit trousers and avoid jeans unless you’re doing something outdoorsy. Your trousers shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy so always wear a belt.

Chinos feel comfortable whilst also looking stylish and sleek. Republic Union have a large selection of chinos in a range of different colours.


  1. Hygiene:

You won’t need to get rid of the beard completely but be aware that her parents are from a different generation – trim it so it looks neater.

Most of all, remember that too much aftershave can make you seem like a player, so keep it simple: just make sure that you’ve had a shower and cut your nails!

Don’t forget that all relationships come with both fun and terrifying milestones. Some guys end up enjoying time with their girlfriend’s parents – just make the best of it!

Republic Union have a range of menswear perfect for every occasion – check it out here.

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