Ultimate outfit guide: The essentials

Nailing the basics is something all men should know, so the fashion experts at Republic Union have come up with some examples and suggestions on how to wear and pair essential clothing basics.

Men‘s essentials are typically casual clothing: key pieces that can be worn all day and can be transformed very easily to a going out or formal outfit.

Once you understand the basics and decide on your favourite style it is just a matter of putting outfits together. Creating an outfit for an occasion doesn’t have to be a terrifying thought.

Here are our top essential pieces and how to wear them:

Coloured bottom – neutral top

This classic outfit is best worn with jeans or coloured chinos.  An outfit that has a bright coloured top and bottom can look messy and uncoordinated.  A neutral top and coloured bottom will look smart and clean.

Choose your favourite white oxford shirt and pair it with your favourite jeans or chinos. Olive green chinos make the perfect option for this outfit but here are more ideas:

Essential key piece: The white shirt  Pintoo Oxford Shirt in White

Le Breve Khaki chinos                             Le Breve bleached jeans                  Le Breve chinos

Neutral bottom – coloured top

Add some colour to your style to change it up. A coloured top can be both smart and fun by picking the right colour for the right occasion. With a dark colour top you create a more serious work style outfit: think dark green and red. In contrast, a light blue shirt will give your outfit spring vibes.

We would suggest rich colours if you want to create a sense of prestige but since the weather has been so nice lately we will give you some summery outfit ideas:

essential key piece

Essential key piece: Matinee straight leg chinos

Soulstar short sleeve shirt              Pintoo Oxford shirt in orange          Pintoo Oxford short sleeve shirt

Pattern on top

Although many men are afraid of patterns here at Republic Union we love patterned tops and we do think they are essential for a man’s wardrobe. When you need to step it up a notch all you have to do is wear a patterned top. Even simple dots or a small pattern can make a statement.

Patterns seem to be a hard style for most guys to grasp but with patterns you have more options to create your own unique style. The key to perfecting this essential outfit is to be careful with the trousers.

Just like matching a coloured top with neutral bottoms, a pattern shirt or top must be paired with either classic dark blue jeans, black trousers or neutral chinos.

Here are some outfit ideas:

pattern on top

Essential key piece: Patterned top

Le Breve Charms pattern shirt            Soulstar short sleeve shirt            Pintoo diamond pattern shirt

Matinne black chinos                         Matinne stretch chinos               Le Breve rip and repair jeans


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