What NOT to wear to work in the summer

It’s finally time to get all your summer clothes out but… how much of your current summer wardrobe can you actually wear at work?!

You probably already know not to wear certain summer clothes to the office, but this heatwave makes it all the more tempting.  You might think that this isn’t a problem in your company as your dress code is casual but in a recent survey from OfficeTeam, 80% of managers said clothing choices could affect an employee’s chance of getting promoted.

Don’t get us wrong, we understand how difficult it is to wear suits, leather shoes and black jeans in the warmer months – there are not as many options for men out there and it’s very easy to make a mistake. However, there are some pieces you should try and avoid as much as you can:

Vests – Tank tops

Let’s be honest: vests and tank tops in the workplace should only be worn as undergarments. Vests can look fire on the park, beach, an outdoors party and even the gym, but wearing a vest to work will just look like you didn’t really bother with your outfit. Put your armpits away, please.

What you can do instead is wear the vest under a loose summer shirt that will keep you cool and stylish.

Shorts (some shorts)

Some people will argue with our opinion, but we feel that not all shorts should be considered a style mistake. If the dress code in your company is formal, then shorts are a NO NO. Even if the dress code in your company is casual, shorts that you bought for the beach, the park or the swimming pool are to be avoided.

Of course, there are some places you should never wear shorts – most importantly in the office -but smarter shorts like chino shorts can be dressed up to look office-appropriate.

Straight fit chino shorts are light, comfortable, versatile and most importantly stylish. They can be worn in the office with a summer shirt or more casually with a T-shirt.

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Flip flops – open shoes

Flips flops have become less acceptable nowadays with managers saying that it’s hard to take people seriously when wearing flip flops.

Here at Republic Union we believe people could get away with wearing flip flops on a casual day or a casual Friday, but can you imagine going to a job interview or showing up at an important business meeting wearing flip-flops? No, we don’t think you can.

Socks with sandals

In our eyes, socks with sandals are even worse than wearing flip flops to work. Socks with sandals is in general a fashion faux pas that you should never weari anywhere. After all, if you need socks to keep your feet warm, chances are it’s too cold to be wearing sandals.

The truth is that wearing socks and sandals, flip-flops or any footwear that reveals your toes in the workplace has always been looked down upon and will most likely continue to be looked down upon in the business world for many years to come.

Novelty accessories

We know it’s the summer time and you just want to wear your sunglasses and finally reveal that hat collection of yours. But summer accessories can be the worst style mistake you can make if worn indoors in the office.

We can all agree that sunglasses or a hat propped on your head all day indoors can look ridiculous. Wear your sunglasses in the morning on the way to work and if you really want to stand out, try adding some colour or pattern to your summer outfit.


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