Look like a top lad in Ibiza

Summer is coming and that means one thing – lads holiday!

Not everyone can afford Ibiza, it could be Zante, Kavos or Sunny Beach but wherever you fly you want to look good!

You’re probably thinking it’s only spring, but if you’ve already paid your holiday off why not purchase your new threads now so you can spend the rest of the year saving for those pricey vodka cokes.

If it’s the superstar DJs, all-night parties or the beautiful beaches you’re heading for, here’s a list of essential pieces for your suitcase!

The swim shorts:

Arguably the most important piece of clothing on holiday, swim shorts essential for pool/beach parties and your day to day chilling out.

If you’re a hipster, these retro shape shorts are funky and look great with any t-shirt… or without one!

retro shorts

Camouflage is on trend, so if you’re more chilled out these camouflage shorts are perfect to kick back in.

Camouflage shorts

Joker of the bunch? We love these rainbow shorts and they’ll definitely make you stand out.

rainbow shorts

The vest:

Holidays tend to be hot, so ditch the sweat patches and show off your new guns with a vest (plus, it’s the only time they are acceptable!)

You can’t go wrong with a simple grey or white vest – simple block colours go with everything!

grey vest

If you want something unique, choose this quirky vest with dragon detailing.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of vests – Republic Union has a range of t-shirts available too.

The shirts:

Ibiza in peak season is extremely hot, so most party-goers wear shorts and a t-shirt but for hot dates or VIP events, a short sleeve shirt is the perfect choice.

This Hawaiian shirt is fun, summery and eye-catching!

If you’re going for a classic look, choose a simpler white or blue shirt.

white shirt

Wherever you’re heading, Republic Union has a range of menswear available for all occasions. Start shopping now!

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