All I want for Christmas is a great outfit

It’s finally here – the Christmas party you’ve been looking forward to all year. Time to let your hair down and impress that special someone you keep locking eyes with across the office.

What’s even better is you don’t have to wear that tie you’ve been recycling all year.

The question is what will you wear instead?

Regardless of the event in your festive calendar, Republic Union have got you covered this Christmas.


The casual Christmas:

Jeans Menswear UK Skinny JeansBomber Jacket Menswear UKRed Shirt Menswear UK

There’s usually no need to dress up to go to the pub but Christmas comes once a year, so it’s your annual chance to show off your style outside of the office.

Ditch your work tie and keep things chilled with ripped skinny jeans, a smart-casual shirt and a bomber jacket.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to buy your boss a drink for brownie points!


The Smarty:
Chinos Menswear UKTrench Coat Menswear UKCheck Shirt Menswear UK

Smart cocktail bars and restaurants might not be your destination of choice, but it’s easy to trick your colleagues into thinking otherwise.

Chinos offer the comfort of jeans but look sophisticated – pair with a smart-casual shirt and a well-tailored trench coat. You’ll look stylish and feel hunky too.


The festive bash:

Cord trousers Menswear UKsheepskin jacket menswear UKChristmas Jumper Menswear UK

The classic Christmas jumper party can sometimes feel like organised fun, but you can explore your flamboyant side at this event.

Republic Union recommends a vintage Christmas jumper look. Style with cord trousers and faux sheepskin collar jacket for a funky ‘50s look.



From blazers to tracksuits, the best thing to wear this Christmas is confidence – rock this and you’ll be sure to impress everyone including yourself.

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