How footballers tackled men’s fashion

Football and fashion have always gone hand-in-hand. If you think about footballers such as Pele, David Beckham and George Best, not only they were amazing footballers, but they have also always been fashion icons.

Of course we are usually more focused on the games and scores, especially when there’s a huge tournament on, but when you notice you will see that fashion is heavily involved in football.

The Fifa World Cup 2018 tournament kicked off this month and more than 40 years ago Adidas, the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, started its relationship with Fifa. Nike and more brands followed with sponsoring many footballers.

From the 50s to now, footballers have always been fashionable and involved with fashion. We look at how some of them changed the fashion industry:

George Best

We are going to take it back to the 60’s, when bands such as the Beatles and the Stones started to rub off on footballers. Bobby Moore and George Best became known for their style and even started modeling.

George Best was the first to pose for magazines and opened his own fashion boutique in Manchester. The footballer turned to a fashion trendsetter and changed the image of footballers in England with the mod-inspired fashion, skinny trousers, leather heels and long hair.


With 1,283 goals scored in his career, Pele scored in four World Cups, three of which he also won.

A true icon of football all over the world, Pele grabbed the headlines not only for his amazing skills but for his sense of fashion as well. After Brazil won the World Cup in 1970, Pele’s reputation grew even more with photoshoots and fashion appearances being part of his life when not on the pitch.

Pele is known for his Steve McQueen fitted turtlenecks, his 70’s swag and of course his slim gray suits. Pele continues to make headlines with his smart and respectful appearances. In 2015 he even appeared in the Italian Vogue and looked better than ever.


David Beckham

Whatever you might think of David Beckham, one thing is for sure he knows how to dress well.  His haircuts over the years have been copied by millions and so have his fashion trends.

The football fashionista had so many styles over the years from the bootcut jeans in the early 2000s to his suit obsession nowadays. In 2012 the footballer created his own underwear line with H&M and was of course the face of the whole campaign.

From a young footballer David Beckham had been a fashion icon, appearing in fashion campaigns, launching two lines of clothing and even being appointed ambassador of British Fashion.


Our tip for dressing as stylish as these footballers is to know how to work classic staples. Make sure you have the staples of jeans, t-shirts and jackets in your wardrobe. Classic style makes everything versatile and effortlessly fashionable.

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