Five ways to wear a checked shirt

Checked shirts are a wardrobe staple that will always be popular. With so many styles and colours available, you can really wear it all year around.

A style that can be worn by everyone, from rock stars to business men, if styled correctly you can easily pull off any outfit.  You can go for the classic shirt and t-shirt combination, the relaxed business look, and more.

Classic Shirt and T-shirt combination

Are you looking for a casual everyday look? Or an outfit to wear when you are going out with the boys? The classic shirt and t-shirt combination will not disappoint.

Although this outfit would usually take zero time to style when it comes to a checked shirt, colour and print coordination are some factors to consider.

Wider checks give a more casual look that is very easy to match with a pair of straight slim jeans.

Five ways to wear a checked shirt

Pintoo Check Shirt | Le Breve Straight Leg Jeans 

For a safe option, you can’t beat a plain t-shirt paired with a checked shirt. This look is not just stylish but easy to wear and comfortable. To spice it up, you can pair a rock band t-shirt with a red checked shirt and black ripped jeans.

Five ways to wear a checked shirt

Le Breve Check Shirt/Jacket | Fremont & Harris T-Shirt 

Relaxed business look

Although this outfit is called the relaxed business look it should also be called the every day look. You can go to work, or a meeting wearing this look and then go out for the night.

For this look pair a red, white and blue check shirt with black chinos and voila! You are now a sophisticated-looking man! This look can also be perfect for certain special occasions.

business look

Matinee Straight Leg Chino | Pintoo Check Gingham Shirt

Smart look

For this look you will need a shirt with small checks. Checks come in all sorts of designs and can massively lift or ruin your outfit. The smaller check design is considered cleaner, perfect for a smart look.

The smarter small checked style is another classic outfit that is ideal to pair with a suit or chinos for smarter occasions.

smart look

Pintoo Check Shirt | Matinee Blue Chinos 

Short-sleeve summer look

With spring coming our way, now is the best time to update your spring/summer wardrobe.

Pair a short sleeve check shirt with light navy jeans and add a cool pair of sunglasses to upgrade your look.

summer look

Le Breve Skinny Jeans | Pintoo Mens Gingham Short Sleeve Shirt 


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  1. I have two very smart Harris Tweed jackets . One is a light grey colour and one has a dark greenish and blueish colours . Advise what shirts would suit best please

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