• Men's fashion autumn deals

      Autumn/winter fashion essentials

      The weather is changing and so must the wardrobe. Luckily, we’ve got you covered…. Bomber jacket Bomber jackets are perfect for in-between weather, and a solid answer to the ‘I didn’t know which jacket to put on today’ conundrum. Chinos Chinos are seasonless. Combine them with a polo in summer, or pair with a smart …

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    • night out attire for guys

      What to Wear for a Night out If You’re a Guy

      There are – roughly – three categories of nightclub that you’ll end up in on an average lads’ night out. Republic Union explains what to expect from each venue, and what to wear to make sure you look the part. The ‘classy’ club We say classy with some reservations – sure, these clubs want to …

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    • Student discount men's fashion

      Student discount now available!

        Students – get 10% off everything! We’re pleased to announce that students can get 10% off EVERYTHING at republicunion.co.uk! And that’s on top of all the incredible deals that we already have on offer – you really won’t be able to find better value for money on men’s fashion anywhere else. How to claim …

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    • dream job tips

      Job Interview Tips to Land That Dream Job in 2017

      Prepare basic answers to likely questions Some questions are always going to pop up: “tell us a little about yourself”, “what made you want to apply for this job?”, “what makes you a good fit for this role?” It’s pretty easy to tailor answers to the job in question, and you can use their job …

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    • Make it through this post without spending £20

      £16 Harrington Jacket  The ultimate smart/casual jacket, the Harrington is a wardrobe essential for any man. Whether you’re pairing it with trainers and jeans, or with smart trousers and formal shoes, you’ll look the part no matter where you are. At £16, these are an absolute steal! The question is, which colour would you go …

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    • 10 GIFs that perfectly sum up a man’s clothes-shopping experience

      When you realise your wardrobe needs a bit of an overhaul… “This used to be fashionable!” And your favourite jeans start to look like typical ‘dad jeans’… It’s okay, even the coolest of presidents can fall victim to the dad-jeans-and-trainers combo. In fact, you can see yourself slowly turning into your dad… But that’s a …

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    • Men's hat fashion

      When Did Men Stop Wearing Hats?

      You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve seen it in the movies, and you’ve probably been subject to at least one rant from your nan about how men “don’t dress like they used to”. The hat used to be an absolute outdoor essential. Imagine the looks you’d get today if you left the house with no pants …

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    • Listen up Guys – These Are the Things That Annoy Women the Most on a First Date

      First dates are weird. You arrange a meeting at a set place at a set time with a stranger to establish whether or not you’re compatible, and if you’re lucky, you might just get a second chance to show your worth. Wait, are we talking about first dates or job interviews? Although you can never …

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    • win 100 competition

      Competition winner announcement | Win £100 cash!

      In case you missed it, all purchases made between February 24th and March 6th gained automatic entry into our competition to win £100 cash – and the time has come to announce our lucky winner! Wilma Brown Congratulations Wilma! You’ve won £100 cash to spend as you please! We’ll be in touch shortly. Thanks to …

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    • Is double denim acceptable in 2017?

      The short answer – of course it is! So why do so many argue that wearing double denim is a serious breach of fashion etiquette? According to Guardian fashion commentator Hadley Freeman, double denim “contravenes all known laws of human decency”. Judging by the attached picture of JT, Hadley’s scathing comment probably doesn’t go far enough. …

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