3 jackets that every man should own (part 2)

We are back with our favourite jackets and this time we have three more jackets perfect for autumn and winter.

Autumn weather can be tricky – one minute you are freezing and the next you are sweating – but don’t forget autumn weather won’t last long! The crisp mornings will be back in no time.

In the second part of this blog series we want to focus on jackets that will most importantly keep you dry and warm.

The Trench Jacket

The trench jacket can be made by different materials but in its simplest form it’s just a lightweight waterproof jacket. The trench jacket has become a staple of men’s winter jackets and it’s mostly related to business and smart-looking fashion.

The jacket can sometimes be tricky to style due to its raincoat-like appearance but it can be perfect for wearing to the office or meeting. You can get trench jackets in many colours, but we suggest going for the most versatile colours such as black or khaki. A black trench coat can give a more formal feel to your outfit, pair it with black chinos and a jumper to finish off your outfit.

Our men’s trench jackets are designed to withstand the wet British weather and have been really popular with our followers.

Matinee Agent trench jacket 

The Parka Jacket

If the parka is out then winter is here! The parka jacket is super warm, comfortable, waterproof and ideal for those days the weather is crazy cold and wet. Whatever the weather throws at it, the parka jacket will keep you dry.

We believe a parka jacket is a must in a man’s wardrobe. Although it’s a fashion item that you can throw on without even thinking about styling it we do suggest picking a colour that will suit everything else in your winter wardrobe.

The parka jacket has a more casual and comfortable structure than most outerwear and that’s so you can layer up underneath without looking really bulky.

Here at Republic Union we love the parka, you can literally just top any casual and even formal outfit with a parka. Parkas come in many colours from the original khaki colour to navy, grey and even brown. If you like to be different you should pick a blue or brown parka, these colours are for casual everyday looks.

Black or khaki parkas can be both casual and formal, a black parka jacket can even be worn over a suit or could work for commutes to work and smart occasions. Here are some of our favourite parkas:

Khaki Mod Jacket with hood| Blue TALL Jacket with hood| Brown Mod Jacket with hood

The Field Jacket

Too warm to wear a coat but too cold for just a shirt? The field jacket or military jacket is a jacket that you can wear all seasons but is especially handy for autumn and spring when you are not that cold (but not that warm either!)

A classic jacket that hasn’t changed much over the time but has a long, long history behind it. The Field jacket first emerged in 1938 in the form of the olive coloured cotton M-1938 and as time passed it has had many updates on the original design. The most popular design, the M-1965, had four pockets and was used in the Vietnam War.

Nowadays there are many different styles but we prefer the original lightweight khaki style over all. This is a casual jacket that you can pair with casual tops, knitwear and jeans. The simplest and most stylist way to wear the field jacket is with a warm jumper, jeans and trainers.

As mentioned above this is a light weight jacket so you can easily layer up underneath or wear it with a shirt for a more casual smart look.  Shop our favourite field jacket:

Le Breve Military jacket

Which is your favourite jacket? Shop our men’s collection of coats and jackets here.

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